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    Site to Site VPN and Routing for the vpn destinations


      I have an MPLS link over which i am trying to build a Site to Site VPN



      Ip Of my MPLS Interface is (this interfce zone is MPLS)

      I have Internal IP range in

      I have to NAT behind IP



      I have done the following conifguration on the firewall



      1.Enabled ISAKMP Server from MPLS Zone to MPLS from Any to Any

      2.Created a New Virtual Zone called VPN

      3.Configured VPN under VPN Definition and selected the Zone as VPN

        My Gateway is  Peer Gateway is

      4.Created the Policy from Internal to VPN Zone for permitting traffic from to Destination Range

        In the policy ,selected the NAT IP as





      However I do not see any activity related to tunnel initiation in the Firewall

      Would like to confirm if the steps are correct  especially on the Zone configuration



      Also  Do I have to add  routing for ?If yes what is the Next Hop IP i should give



      Can someone help me ?