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    Dashboard permissions


      Hi there,


      I need to create a limited user account just to view a dashboard.


      When I created the user account and the secific dashboard I keep getting permission errors:


      Cannot display content because you are not authorized.


      Is there a way I can grant permissions to specific queries so that they appear on the dashboard

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          So, yes. follow these steps.

          1) Create a Dashboard you'd like the target user(s) to use and call it something that makes sense to you and  the intended users. Save it as Public.

          1) Create a permission set for the intended access.

          2) Make sure to add permissions "View Client events", Dashboards: "Use Public Dashboards and shared dashboards below"

          Remember to add View access for any sort of data you want the target personnel to be able to view. In other words if you need them to see a dashboard query that contains data from the Threat event log, then you will have to enable the View Events option in the Threat Event log: section of the target permission set.

          I always troubleshoot my permission sets by making myself a local EPO account just for that permission set so I can see how it behaves before I release it to anyone.

          Once you create a working permission set that can "see" the data you intend, then you can refine access even more by making that dashboard viewable by only that group or certain groups.

          Just remember, Dashboards are made of queries, queries are made of data, users must have specific permission to view specific data.

          Hope this helps.