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    user blacklist could stop remote server to deliver ?


      Hallo all,


      I am curious to see if this is possible:


      we have configured that if an email has score more than 40 MEG will "deny connection"
      So the ip-address sending this email will be put in "blocked connections" for 300 seconds.

      Suppose a  user via MQM define a blacklist sender i.e. donald@cisco.com, this will  "comunicated and configured" on the MEG appliances.

      Then, when MEG  receive an email from donald@aol.com, it will deny the connection and  put the cisco MX server on "blocked connection".

      So suppose this user  is receiving an email every 2 minutes  from donald@aol.com, all the enterprise  will never receive emails from @aol.com that are delivered from the  same server that deliver donald@aol.com.


      Ok quite unprobable, but to be thought if users will blacklist a lot.