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      When I logged on this afternoon, I got a message that McAfee scanning services were not running. as soon as I open McAfee security center, I got a red message that my fire wall was turned off. I immediately turned it back on. Then the virus scan started running. Shortly into the scan, it found a virus called Artemis!D33D9D84D6AD.

      I cannot find this number anywhere. I have seen Artemis with many other numbers but not his one. Who can I speak with about this incident and if it is anything I have to worry about, since Mcafee quarenteened it? I was wondering if virus could temperarily disable virus protection?

      I would appreciate any help given!!


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          Hi dspin,

                     Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Since McAfee did indeed detect and quarantined the detection.

          You may proceed to open your McAfee UI, and click on "Navigation".then Quaratined items and select the detected item,and delete.


                     Restart and allow Windows to fully load, then to get a (Second Opinion)  Download/Install the (Free) Version of " Malwarebytes" and save to your Desktop/Folder. Close all applications including your Browser,and install. Do not (Accept) the Free trial,or activate the (Paid Version) For the RTS Scan module may confict with McAfee.


                       You can locate the download below my Signature (Second Link).   You can also submit your detection to McAfee Labs by the link listed below my Signature as well. (5th Link)


          In addition if you feel that your McAfee application is not functioning properly, you can always use the McAfee Virtual Techician, to diagnose your core features and resolve any issues that may be present.


          Download from HERE


          Wishing you all the Very best,



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              I appreciate your help. I will try this.

              Thank You

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                Good Luck 


                Please apprise us of your efforts.....

                I might add also, should you need to submit a sample to McAfee Labs, You can follow the Instructions/Guidelines in a link (Fifth Link) below my Signature. Should you need further assistance,and feel the need to contact Technical Service, you can locate the link below my Signature,or under "Useful Links" at the top of this page.




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                  I downloaded the Malewarebytes as you suggested. And it did indeed find additional registry entries and files related to this

                  threat that mcafee detected. I cleaned it up and everything works well. I feel so much better now. thank You so Much.

                  I do have a question about the safe mode option. Why is it that you have to run certain scans in safe mode? Can't you just disconnect from the internet and run it that way (presuming the pc is stil operational)?

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                    Glad that all seems to be okay now. Actually Malwarebytes is designed to be ran in "Normal" Mode. Very seldom is the case you run it in "Safe Mode/w Networking" Only then the reason being some programs stand a better chance of detecting/Removing the infected files, for when you load in Safe Mode in most cases the infection is (Isolated) and not loaded at start-up.


                    In certain instances, a stubborn infection requires one to Diasable System Restore/System Protection temporarily, to clean the system entirely of remnants left over. If you feel that your issues have been resolved,could you kindly mark this thread as Answered.


                    If there is any way we can be of further assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us.


                    I might add, that you can keep Malwarebytes on board, as a back-up, as it is compatible with McAfee. Simply run it as a "On Demand Scan" after you have (Updated) it,s Signatures.


                    Wishing you all the Best,


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