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    EEPC 5.2 Wintech File Recovery/Edit Question


      Hi All,


      I'm new here, so would appreciate patience for a newb and some assistance with problems I'm having. Searched the forum to see if someone already saw a similar issue, but couldn't find one so here we are:


      We're testing a Wintech CD on a test machine, and seeing a strange issue with file integrity. Here are all the steps, just to be clear:


      1. Created a Wintech (WinPE 7) cd using the scripts posted by Safeboot (Simon) on CTOGoneWild.
      2. Booted with the CD (actually through PXE, but that doesn't matter).
      3. Used diskpart to offline the drive (x:\diskpart; select disk 0; offline disk) as suggested on Simon's blog for WinPE 3.1 disk.
      4. Launched the Wintech program. Authorized with Daily Access Code, and Authenticated from SBFS (Pasword Token).
      5. Used diskpart to online the drive (x:\diskpart; select disk 0; online disk). Able to explore the filesystem in A43 without issues.
      6. Used cmd to copy a file that already resides on the D: drive to E: drive (C: and D: respectively in Windows - both reside on the same physical HDD).
      7. Closed everything Exited the WinPE/Wintech environment, rebooted the PC.
      8. Logged in to Safeboot. Logged in to Windows.
      9. Try to open the file that we copied but it doesn't open (gives different "file corrupted" errors based on the type of file). Opening it in Hex editors shows the file is filled with zeros - nothing else.


      Edit for clarification: I've tried file copy between drives and between folders on the same drives. Same issue every time.


      Not sure where I'm going wrong. I'm sure it has to do something with the encryption, but not sure what. Please assist in clarifying with steps to accomplish this task. Much appreciated!




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