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    How to remove/quarantine?

      Hy guys,
      Pls. let me know, after a full scan (I have Mcafee Total Prot.2008) -appearing some detections in the log file- how to remove or quarantine them? Because there is not any sign in the program how to do it, or am I so stupid not discovering it in the deatails?
      Thanks a lot:)
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          If McAfee has detected something it will have either already quarantined it or deleted it.

          Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
          Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
          Click Restore (left)
          Click Files (top left)
          Anything Quarantined is shown at the right where you can delete it, restore it or send it to Avert labs for analysis.
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            Thanks, but it does not work. After scanning it is shown that they have not been put in quarantine or removed...
            When I tried to do what did you recommend, it appeared IE error, I am using Mozilla, I tried also with IE instead of but the result is the same.
            I have lots of microbes on my comp., if you tell me where are put the log detection files, I try to send them...
            Still uncertain:confused:
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              Don't bother with the logs they don't really mean much to me. If your machine is infected you should run the free versions of these two tools and let them clean everything they find.


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                I will do it, but why I have bought the complete M.T.P while I have to use other programs to eliminate the infections???:D
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                  None of the anti-virus applications on the market are proof against everything that is out there. It's always wise to keep some extra anti-spyware on hand and always surf wisely, be careful what you click on and what you download and always keep Windows totally up to date.
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                    McAfee should automatically remove/Quarantine what it finds. If it does not, it's because the files are protected (actively running or locked by another program) or the file is a compound file meaning it contains more than just the detected file. An example of this is a ZIP file with 10 files inside of it, yet only 1 file is a virus. You must manually delete compound files as McAfee will not delete the entire compound file (thus potentially destroying your clean data too).

                    A log file of the detections might give us some clue to what problem you are actually having.