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    ESM 9.4.0 Release Notes - Clarification on 'auto check every' option on upgrades in redundant architecture




      Release notes for ESM 9.4.0:


      Page 12 (Rebuild time):

      "There are two ways to help speed up the upgrade of the ESM database"


      "Turn off collection of events, flows, and logs until the rebuild finishes. This must only be done if the number of events and flows sent to the ESM is low."


      Page 14 (Upgrading a redundant ESM):

      "On the primary ESM, go to System Properties | Events, Flows & Logs and deselect Auto check every."



      On page 14, for any ESM upgrade in a redundant deployment, you always deslect 'Auto check every', however on page 12 it seems to imply that this should not be done if the events and flows sent to ESM is not low.  Could this be clarified?