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    I need ResXX\McShield.dll

      I am a very non-technical person and I need some help in the simplest terms possible please.

      I bought a second-hand laptop.

      The Anti-Virus Programme which was installed had expired (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise)

      Through my bank I had the opportunity to download McAfee VirusScan Plus for free

      I started the download but received a message saying that it was conflicting with VirusScan and to remove it

      Went to Add/Remove Progs and clicked to remove it (VirusScan Enterprise)

      New box appeared saying that I was cancelling the download but there was a checkbox which would resume the installation when my computer restarted - so I checked it


      Got the "I need ResXX\McShield.dll" message

      Situation is now that I am unable to do anything

      In Add/Remove Progs there is no listing for any McAfee programmes whatsoever

      I looked in this forum at similar requests for help but none of them seem to have quite the same problem as me as they were talking about having run certain processes and downloaded this ir that. My browser will not work. I cannot perform a Search in order to try to remove any McAfee files so I am rather stumped.

      Any suggestions please???

      But please bear in mind that it really does need to be STEP BY STEP!!

      Many thanks

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          Peter M
          You fail to state what operating system and service pack this is. You could try to use System Restore to go back to a previous state and hopefully you will then be able to uninstall McAfee Enterprise. You can't even attempt to download/install the consumer versions until it is totally off the machine.

          I suggest you enable Windows Firewall prior to doing the following.

          There is no removal tool for it either. As you don't state what version it is I'm posting the instructions for manual removal of all 3 types.

          Manual removal instructions for "McAfee Virusscan 8.xi Enterprise":

          Manual Uninstall of Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0i

          Manual Uninstall Of Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5i

          Manual Uninstall Of Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7i

          Once it's gone you can then start the installation of the new product.

          There is no removal tool for these products, sorry.
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            One of our posters in the corporate forums posted a nice automated script which basically finds the registry information for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and runs the uninstall commands for you.

            Feel free to give it a try.

            (Attached to forum post)
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              OK - thank you very much for the replies so far.
              As I said I am a totally non-tech person so I'm afraid I'm probably going to need rather a lot of "hand-holding" throughout this.

              Operating Windows XP and I don't know what service pack as it is a second-hand laptop. Where do I look for that?
              I don't know what version was installed and I have no way of checking it because it is no longer listed in my Programs.
              When I click on any of the three links you posted I get:

              HTTP Status 404 - /corporate/inde...ent&id=KB5xxxx

              type Status report

              message /corporate/inde...ent&id=KB5xxxx

              description The requested resource (/corporate/inde...ent&id=KB5xxxx) is not available.

              Apache Tomcat/5.5.17

              I have absolutely no idea how I would use an automated script.
              I have downloaded the zipped file to a flash drive.
              When I unzip it (on the pc I am using right now - just to check it) and click on the icon to open it nothing happens.

              Also - switching on the laptop today I got a box titled:

              VsTskMgr.exe - Application Error

              and the following:

              The instruction at "0x0012e811" referenced memory at "0xffffffff". The memory could not be "read".

              Click on OK to terminate the program
              Click on CANCEL to debug the program

              In all honesty I think that may well have appeared last night when I first restarted the laptop and I think I clicked on OK
              Today I have clicked on CANCEL and within a few seconds received the standard box telling me that VsTskMgr.exe has encountered a problem..... etc and inviting me to send an error report.
              I then opened my browser and tried to access the web and received the same "I need ResXX....." message.
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                You should double click the script once you extract it to your computer. Nothing may appear to happen in which case you should check the log file created at C:\McAfeeRemoval.log and post its contents here.

                The McAfee support links were broken in the previous post. Here is the master article for Uninstall VirusScan/AntiSpyware 8.xi.

                KB53635: Removing VirusScan Enterprise 8.x /AntiSpyware 8.x (Master Article)
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                  I just found the Properties in My Computer I'm getting good at this aren't I???!!


                  Microsoft Windows XP Professional
                  Version 2002
                  Service Pack 2
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                    Great news - I think
                    I have managed to access the web using the laptop. I am going to leave it open so I will be able to download direct onto it now YAY!!
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                      secured2k - I don't think you're quite getting how amateur I am

                      how the hell do I "double click the script"? and what is a log file? where would i find it?

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                        Peter M
                        You can check what version of XP you are using by right-clicking "My Computer" and selecting "Properties", or for a more detailed result go to Start/Run and type in winver then click the Enter key.

                        Sorry about those broken links. I wish they'd stop messing with the database.

                        Try These links:

                        [COLOR=black]Manua[/COLOR]l Uninstall of Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0i

                        Manual Uninstall Of Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5i

                        How to Manually Uninstall McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i

                        Regarding that script. First you have to extract the files from the zip by first saving it to somewhere like your desktop, then simply double-click the zip to extract the file. Once extracted double-click it and it should then start.
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                          Now here's a surprise!

                          I left the laptop switched on all day and this evening there was an automatic update from Windows. I wasn't looking at the screen at the time but I assume it went into an automatic restart. When I finally looked at the screen there was a box telling me that there had been an update etc
                          I tried starting IE and it worked!

                          Tried Start, Search - which I could not access previously - and it worked!

                          Checked in my Add/Remove Programs list and the original McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise was now listed there again!
                          Performed a removal and it has disappeared from the list at last!

                          Now my question is based on the many things I have read in trying to resolve this issue...

                          If I have performed the removal and I now want to download a new AV Prog am I likely to encounter any further problems?

                          Is there anything else I should do before I try the download?

                          I am NOT going to download the free McAfee AV that I mentioned in my first post - instead have decided to go for Avast (unless anyone can suggest anything better...??)

                          Many thanks for all of your kind help

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