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    How to be sure not to have further trouble with McAfee


      Hi all,


      So, to make a long story short before coming to my question, here is the context of my story : last year on July 14th, I made the fateful decision to purchase McAfee protection for 39€95 for one year, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Yesterday, I received a charge of 85 € (which I almost missed) and voilà - you have a person who discovered on the same day what "auto-renewal" meant and that they will never be a McAfee customer again.


      On the plus note, the good thing is that indeed the call center accepted to give me back my money (at least I have a mail that says so...) on the same day, and the call center does work on Sunday - I will say that I anticipated lots of obstacles and harrassment and traps on the way to getting reimbursed but in fact it was quite easy and the phone number that I used was not an expensive toll-paying number, it was an ordinary number.


      Since someone asked me to do this yesterday, I will write later a long and detailed structured message to explain why auto-renewal is an evil business practice in my views, but I do not have enough time right now so I will come to my question.


      At this point, my question is the following : how do I make sure that no money gets charged by McAfee ever in the future in any way, through "Auto-Renewal" or any other scheme ?


      This is the status of all things related to McAfee that I have thought of so far :


      - In my "Account" - which I used for the first time yesterday, at least I learnt something -, I manually set the "auto-renewal" to "Inactive" - how do I make sure that it is not turned back to "Active" by McAfee without my notice ? What are all the possible elements that could trigger such a re-activation (I don't want to have to check every year to make sure that somehow "the EULA changed") ?


      - The product expiration for McAfee is back to "14 July 2014" (yesterday it was at "14 july 2015") so I guess indeed this means the renewed subscription has been cancelled


      - McAfee has been completely removed by me (both using UNINSTALL and the MCPR tool that Ex_Brit linked me , thank you Ex_Brit)


      - I requested the call center to destroy the credit card information after reimbursement, and they told me on the phone that it had been deleted. However, what troubles me is that I asked them to send me a mail saying explicitely that they had destroyed it, but I didn't get written confirmation, only verbal. How can I get positive written confirmation that McAfee is no longer having my credit card memorized somewhere ? Besides I read on the forum that McAfee "updates" card information by somehow getting hold of the new card number when a card is replaced, without the client communicating it himself - I have to admit it sounds surprising, but I prefer to double-check and be sure that the number of my future card cannot be accessed by McAfee like the people in the forum claimed happened to them.


      Is there any other "trap" that I have forgotten or overlooked ? Many thanks to all who may have experience of other bad things that could happen and the way to prevent them.