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    Generic PUP.y

    Meng-Au KHAN

      Dear All,

      Why McCaffe keeps reporting "Generic PUP.y" every minute? If it should be removed, wht McAfee is not removing it once and for all. I keep pressing OK to remove it and McAfee keeps poping up the same message every now and then.

      Please help.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Generic PUP.y is a "Browser Hi-jacker"- (PUP) Potentially Unwanted Program. It has many variants,Generic PUP.x,.y, z,.r.ke and on and on. Although it is not classified as a Virus, it demonstrates traits of one.


          Please Follow the Instructions/Guidelines from the (Removal Guide) HERE


          Please be informed after running these programs, a (Restart/Reboot) is required to completely remove all detections quarantined. Please post back your results.


          I might add, when Downloading/Installing Malwarebytes-(Free) only. Do not accept the (Free Trial) or activate the (Paid) Version. The (Free) Version will suffice.


          I highly recommend you run the Latest McAfee Rootkit Remover as well. This Superb Tool can be located below my Signature (First Link). It is advised to save the Application to your Desktop/Folder and close all Applications/Browsers and (Right Click) to open and (Run as Administrator)


          All the very best,







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            Just a thought...This may be more appropiate if moved to (Home User Assistance)

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                Had to repair Broken Link in above Post #1. The Removal Guide can be found HERE

                In addition, since McAfee detected this (PUP). Did you select the Detection listed itself before attempting to Remove/Delete?


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                  I have the same problem, resolved it by doing the following :

                  1) Did a full scan, Mcafee pick up Generic PUP.y but cant resolve it. I quarantine it anywhere.

                  2) Went to Control Panel --Uninstall program found : "Setting Manager by Aztec Media Inc --uninstall it

                  3) Went to C Drve PRogram (x86)\ Setting Manager\systemk, found "Ask Application" and deleted it.


                  reboot and run PC twice(Win8) problem resolved.


                  I recall downloading app "Search All" app, this may be the problem, if you run a search on this name Aztec Media --you will find this is where the problem started.

                  Wonder why they are allowed to provides apps and all they did was creating problem for people and wasting peoples time to try to find a solution, they should be banned.


                  Good Luck! Hope this helps.

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                    Hi wbkoh,

                              Thank you for your valuable input. You indeed followed the proper procedure in removing the said programs. The reason these programs are bundled with other Downloaded Applications, is for advertising revenue. I hope there are no left-over remnants of the additional programs that got installed as well. "Setting Manger" in itself,is a "Browser Hi-Jacker-PUP"


                              Hence, is the very reason I suggested the (Removal Guide). The programs mentioned to use, seek/dig deep into your system and locate and remove additional keys/values that may be left over. That is what they were designed for.


                                Again, thank you for your input. You have to be very cautious when Installing applications these days.


                    Wishing All the Best,

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                      Dear wbkoh,

                      Thank you soo much...

                      I tried it and I came till step 2. But when I am trying to deinstall the Setting Manager by Aztec Media Inc it said:

                      ''You do not have sufficient privileges to uninstall SettingsManager. Please contact the system administrator''


                      And now I don't know what to do .

                      Can you please help me!


                      Wishing All the Best mrsphiladelphia

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                        Do you have "Administrative Privileges"? Have you tried the Removal Guide Listed HERE  It removes all those Entities/Programs for you.

                        Please read the following thread HERE where another user contracted the same (PUP). And was able remove all undesirable Traits/Programs.






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                          Dear catdaddy,

                          thank-you for the help!

                          How do I get the ''Administrative Privileges'' to deinstall the Thread?


                          Regards, MrsPhiladelphia

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