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    Can Anyone Help Me KILL The Artemis Virus?

      McAfee’s Virus Scan alerted me to the fact that my computer has a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and so it appears that I have been infected with the Artemis virus. A Hewlett Packard representative suggested that I try changing my system restore point to an earlier date. However, this was only a temporary fix and the Artemis virus seems to have regenerated and returned. HP also told me that McAfee would be able to provide me with better assistance regarding this virus. I read the Support Forum hoping to learn about this virus and ways to get rid of it. The most common advice suggested using Malwarebyte’s Anti Malware as a means of removing this virus. I did so and things appeared fine. However this was only a temporary fix. I looked for signs of the Artemis infection and I noticed that it had regenerated itself. Once again Artemis has returned to my computer. Help, please! How can I get rid of this virus once and for all?
      The following is the exact information that I received yesterday at the completion of my weekly Virus Scan:
      Detection Type: Potentially Unwanted Program
      Detection Name: Artemis!BAFE1C90D179
      Status: Detected1
      • File Name: C:\Users\"My Name Is Here"\AppData\LocalLow\FunWebProducts\Installr\Cache\000A07A.exe
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          A possibly unwanted program or "PUP" isn't necessarily harmful. Artemis works by "phoning home" to a database when it detects something it doesn't recognize. If the database doesn't have it on record then it flags it.

          It's all explained in a sticky at the top of this section, or click here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=227790

          That link also tells you how to deal with it.

          That said, don't download stuff from FunWebProducts or from Smiley Central. They are renowned for spyware and other nasties.

          Scan you machine with the free version of this tool: http://www.superantispyware.com/superantispywarefreevspro.html
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            Hey Ex Brit,
            Thank you, very much! After I remove a virus or PUP from being quarantined and then restore it, can you simplify the steps as to I am supposed to send or email it to www.webimmune.net? Am i supposed to copy all the information into a Word document or is there actually a way to extract the virus or PUP file and send it. I have no idea how to create a .zip file and put files in it. Oh yeah, after I finally send all of this information will my pc be free of it or do I have to scan my pc again to quarantine the bad files again. Pllease understand, I have no experience handling viruses or PUPs manually.
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              You email a zip file to the email address I gave. To zip a file first locate it on your hard drive, then right-click and "Send To" a compressed (zipped) folder.

              You then have to password protect the file. You can Google how to do that.
              • 4. Is Artemis!BAFE1C90D179 a false positive?
                My Dell Inspiron 6400 also has this virus. I have tried nearly all the suggestions already posted on the forums to remove it, to no avail. I use Vista which makes some things difficult. I cannot send it in to McAfee Vitus Reasearch Labs as I can't find the file to attach (exactly the same place as quoted by Bayside 84!) and do not have the software to attach it as a zip file anyway. I have tried Superantispayware, which found lots of other stuff, but not this virus and another McAfee scan said it was still there afterwards.

                The more I read on the forums about this virus, it sounds like a false positive. Does anyone agree or am I barking up the wrong tree? Should I be worried and pay for someone to remove it for me? Please help!
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                  It's not necessarily a virus, or any other infection. As stated abpve it's all explained in the sticky at the top of this section, which also explains what to do.


                  Everyone has the ability to zip a file, as I say you just right-click any file and "Send To" a zipped folder.

                  As far as software there are plenty of zip software out there. 7-Zip is one and is totally free. Google is always a useful tool when looking for answers.
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                    If you have an item that McAfee detects in Quarantine, you will need to follow these steps to send it to McAfee AVERT.

                    1. Open the Security Center and Enable the Advanced menu.
                      The Advanced Menu should be at the bottom left of the Security Center. If it says "Basic Menu", you are already in the Advanced Menu
                    2. Click on the Restore section on the left side.
                    3. Click on the Files subsection on the left.
                    4. Select any files in quarantine on the right side. Click the check box to select the files.
                    5. In the lower right corner, there will be an option to Send to McAfee.
                    6. Click Send to McAfee.

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                      hello bayside84, direction's: click on start; go to file folder's; right click on desktop file folder; go to propertie's and click on it in desktop properties; click on location; click on find target; in left paneclick on program files; go down the list and locate the file folder that says "fun web products" and delete it to the recycle bin and close all windows and go to recycle bin and permanently delete the file, this should remove it completely. good luck!!! this is how i got rid of it. let me know if it works for you please; alabaman
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                        I did not re-read this thread before posting this but...

                        Artemis is more of a heuristic detection using information from the AV Research site. Not all Artemis detections are actually viruses.

                        PUPs are not dangerous. If they are, they are upgraded to Trojan status. You should remove PUPs by using the Add/Remove Programs feature in the Control Panel. If the program is not there (or not even installed) you may get a detection on an installer file or compressed archive. Since not all files in these archives or installer files are PUPs, the AV scanner will not delete the entire file.

                        An example is how VirusScan + Artemis will flag the FunWebProducts Uninstaller as a threat even though it's job is to remove FunWebProducts.

                        So... ASSUMING you have a FunWebProduct installed...

                        I went to http://www.google.com and searched for "uninstall funwebproducts". The third main link down was a link to FunWebProducts Uninstall. From this page, there was a link to http://help.funwebproducts.com/uninstall/fiUnins.exe

                        I checked this file to be fairly clean, however McAfee + Artemis (DAT:5619) will detect it as Artemis!44BCB6306E1E even though the file is a legit uninstaller.

                        Feel free to give this link a try IF you actually have FunWebProducts installed and want it removed. If you have problems with Artemis detections, please see the sticky post on this forum, Sticky: "Artemis" & Other Possibly False Detections.

                        If you don't have FunWebProducts installed and still get a detection, you will have to manually delete the file. The fact that it was in the *\\LocalLow\... folder means it's probably running in your IE browser in protected mode (UAC is on). You can type the following in the Start Menu to open a Windows Explorer window showing you the files where you may delete the FunWebProducts folder.

                        Click the Start Orb. Type in


                        and Press Enter.
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                          Did not work for me....Malawarebytes and superantispyware did not get rid of it and tried to uninstall funwebproducts and I got none!!!Having the same thing Artemis!BAFE1c(funwebproducts)....And I can't find the files!!!1 month now fighting this virus!!!!And + I'm having a hard time to understand those terms you use...I'm french...Je parle francais!!!And my computer is on french mode too!!!Can anyone help me!!!:(
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