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    Dont know who Administrator is

      :eek: The person that had owner rights on this computer and myself are unable to log in thru our user accounts. Both our password's just wont work. It's been about a week since this happened. And since then the computer is out of whack. I was told that I have the"Virus Remover 2009" virus. But unable to take certain steps because I have no Administrator rights. My computer is really running bad she's very slow, I keep getting error's , windows open out of no where. I'm running Windows XP on a HP Pavilion. Please Help. I'm a freaked out beginner:confused: And thanks I really apprecite your help.
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          Vinod R

          Did you try safe mode ?

          This thread will be moved to an appropriate thread since you have posted in tests thread.... on the next posts try to include as much details as possible on the operating system ,make, service pack , RAM and any other details that you feel might be useful...... more the info easier it would for one of us to assist happy
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            You can try logging in as a SYSTEM user and create a new Windows profile to work on.

            Instructions to become SYSTEM user: ( http://hackspc.com/how-to-become-the-system-user-in-windows-xp/ )

            Once done, go to Start > Run > control userpasswords2 > create new profile. You should be able to reset your password and the admin password here as well. If you're not able to do this, try it in safe mode.

            ----------- the above is not exactly necessary but if you wish to try create a new profile, please go ahead-----------

            Once done, go to Safe Mode (preferably with Networking). In Safe Mode, please check the Task Manager and make sure none of the below programs are running. If they are, please end it.

            ■ ExtSecurityCenter.exe
            ■ PP.exe
            ■ Uninstall.exe
            ■ VRM2009.exe

            If none of the above were running, delete the following folders:

            ■ C:\Common Programs\virusremover2009
            ■ C:\Program Files\virusremover2009

            Once done, go to Ccleaner.com and download the application. Its free. Once installed, go to "Options" which is located on the left panel, click on "Settings", choose "Secure File Deletion", select how many passes you want.

            Once done, click on the Cleaner tab and run a scan. The standard settings on it should be OK. Once the result is up, click on "Run Cleaner". The speed of the cleaning process may depend on how many passes you select in the Settings. It might take a while. You can just select to empty "Recycle Bin" but I normally feel like the stuff I deleted is still there somehow.

            When the process is finished, click on the "Registry" icon on the left panel and scan for issues. This should remove registry reference to any Virus Remover 2009. Don't be alarmed if you see more than 100 results. I normally get about 300+ results after 2 weeks work. So yeah, you may choose to do a backup of your registry first before removing the ones they scanned.

            Please do take note that Ccleaner is NOT an anti-virus or anti-spyware. It is just a tool that helps you clean up your computer.

            Now that you have cleared pretty much most of the junks, go restart in normal mode and run a full anti-virus scan and a full anti-spyware scan. Hopefully it will clear up quite a few left-over files (if any).

            If nothing pops up after you scan using both anti virus and anti spyware, just to be sure, download and install HijackThis and run a scan. Be sure to save the log file as you will need it in the next step. Make sure you don't select anything in the HijackThis scan result as you like unless you are sure that you know what you are doing as deleting one of those stuff accidentally can cause quite a problem to your computer.

            Now, with the log file saved, go to www.hijackthis.de and paste the content of your logfile there. The website will go through the list and notify you immediately what files are bad. So go through the list on the website and refer back to the HijackThis program and remove what ever it classified as bad.

            Repeat this step a few times and restart your computer.

            Please do report back if the problem still exist.
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              I'm assuming you have Windows XP Home Edition based on your computer description. If your accounts no longer have Administrative access, try using the built in "Administrator" account from Safe Mode.

              In Safe Mode, most programs won't be able to start (including VirusRemover2009) and you should be able to see another user on your logon page, "Administrator". By default, this account does not have a password. Once you've logged in, you can go to the Control Panel and work with your User Accounts (including resetting passwords).

              Check the following link for more information about Safe Mode and how to get into Safe Mode (It's the short "More Information" Section).
              A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP