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    Generic PUP.y




      I keep getting this popup from my McAfee that there's an undesired programma that has been blocked: Generic PUP.y

      When I command McAfee to delete it it says that it is part of a package and that I should reconsider and look at the package first (it's in dutch so i'm translating it to post on here).

      When I press OK to delete it , I just get the same pop-up like 30secs later asking me the same thing over and over again...


      I'm not so familiar with computer technology so can anyone help me? And explain what has to be done in words for me to understand?


      Thanks upfront!

      Cnops R.

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          Peter M

          PUP means "Possibly Unwanted Program" and isn't necessarily anything to worry about.   Look in your Quarantine section of SecurityCenter to determine the path of the object.  It may give clues there.


          SecurityCenter > Navigation > Quarantined and Trusted Items.


          You normally would have the option to trust it if you wish.





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            Peter M

            If it keeps popping up then it's possibly either on an external source, like an external drive or USB stick or even in your System Restore folders which of course are inaccessible.  Post back more information if possible regarding the location.

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              C:\Program Files (x86)\Settings Manager\system\x64\sysapcrt.dll


              This is what the last one said




              (Thanks a lot for the fast replies b.t.w.)


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                Peter M

                Settings Manager is, I believe, possibly a hijacker-type toolbar.  So tell McAfee to delete it.


                Look in the last link in my signature below for the following and run Malwarebytes Free (to keep it free do NOT accept the free trial offer)

                also run AdwCleaner.


                If those fail to budge it, look further down that link and follow its advice on using Hijackthis to post a log on a specialist forum.


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                  Im getting the same message all day and having no joy getting any further finding anything out so im guessing its something coming through the mcafee program that they need to sort

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                    Peter M

                    If you think it's McAfee originated then you should contact Technical Support directly, it's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked through McAfee Support at the top of this page.


                    However, it's quite possible both of you have downloaded something undesirable which arrived uninvited along with something else.


                    If there were mass false detections I would be seeing it on one of my 4 OS's and I am not, plus the forums would be flooded with complaints and they are not.


                    But don't be surprised if TS redirects you to their paid malware removal service.     I suggested some free alternatives earlier, I would try them.

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                      yes im running the program you sugested at the minute thanks for the pointer but like the original poster iv never downloaded any programs so baffled were it may have came from

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                        Peter M

                        These things sometimes creep in the back door unfortunately.    Anyway, good luck ;-)

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                          fingers crossed the free fix seems to have worked thanks

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