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      I use McAfee SecurityCenter.
      Besides that I use regularly:
      1. Spybot-S&D ver.1.6.2 and
      2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
      Unfortunately McAfee SecurityCenter isn't "complete"/perfect.


      I read in Internet that I should not use Spybot-S&D.
      I think that Spybot-S&D complements McAfee SecurityCenter ... (?)
      Can someone gives me advices?
      Thank you

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          Spybot Search and Destroy is no longer compatible, especially with the (Tea Timer) enabled. At least issues have been reported here if you have it at the very least disable tea Timer.


          Some free scanners that I use are in my signature. With Malwarbytes do not install the trial premium version as it can clash with Mcafee.