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    VirusScan Enterprise and NAS Storage


      At the University of Huddersfield we are in the process of implementing a new NAS solution using the Dell Compellent and Fs8600 NAS device.

      As part of this configuration there is capability to configure the FS8600 to virus scan files using the ICAP protocol.


      In the Dell documentation it mentions using McAfee virus scan enterprise 8.8, but when we have setup a server and pointed the Fs8600 to the AV server it does not seem to scan anything when writing/reading from the NAS device.  Further research shows that there may be a need to install McAfee virus can Enterprise for Storage on top of the VSE solution (currently using 8.8).  Dell have been contacted to confirm that we can use McAfee VSE, but the information received back has been vague.


      Could you please confirm:


      1. Does McAfee Viruscan enterprise support ICAP for virus scanning?
      2. Do we need to install McAfee VSES on top of the McAfee VSE8.8 for the ICAP virus scanning to work.



      Could you  confirm the above and that VSES is what we require for our solution to work.