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    Assign a task based upon tag?


      I don't see this in ePO 5.1, so it's probably an enhancement request.


      Currently we have the nice/lovely policy assigning via Assignment Rules


      But I don't see any such ability for tasks (have to do it based upon system tree grouping).


      Is that correct?


      Was hoping to have to avoid grouping things for policy/tasks but it looks like I may be forced to anyway.

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          This is already in ePO, uness I'm misunderstanding... when you assign a client task, at the bottom of the page there's a "Tags" section that allows you to assign the task only to machines with a particular tag.

          Is that what you were looking for?


          HTH -



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            No, you're right about what I want, I just don't see it in ePO 5.1


            I go into the Client Task Catalog -> VSE 8.8

            I find my task and on the right-hand side I have 4 options:






            When I click Assign, it takes me to one screen that says:


            Select a Group to Assign the task

            and that's my only choice/option, so I have to choose something in the system tree


            There's no other option on that page.


            I'm on ePO 5.1.0 build 509 using FireFox ESR 24.2.0



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              That's correct - you assign it to a group, and then on the next page you have the option to select the tags you wish it assigned to. So if you wanted to assign the task to *every* machine with a particular tag,  you would assign it to the top of the tree - usually the "My Organisation" object - and then choose the tag(s) you want.


              HTH -



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                Thank you Joe