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    False Artemis!7F0E64D50F72


      Good day ,


      i having problems whit a File needed for a mod

      File is named : PD2APIDLL1.dll

      Also found this from the makers of the mod

      https://www.virustotal.com/en-gb/file/d4686c58a78ea051891e94eef4a3b5cd216985b1b8 cd9ece358cfacd7580c25f/analysis/



      is the download link of it,



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          What's the question you are asking? If 22 virus scanners report the file as bad, then there's a high chance it is.


          I am guessing this is a cheat file for the Payday2 game?

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            its not a cheat file, its a file for inproving the basic Hud of the game

            Never had problems whit it, and just today it seemed to be a Wrong file


            side note



            secondly i use it as a anti-cheat that is build in so other team mates cant change ingame values

            or the personal stats like Rank achievements    'ingame credits''


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              The site "hostr.co" is blacklisted by TrustedSource and SiteAdvisor. Trying to get hold of a copy of the file from the link that you provided was difficult but I managed it.


              Edit :  A page briefly appeared before SiteAdvisor kicked in, with a file name and a 'Download' button. The name of the file was "HoxHud-P1-Manual-install.7z" so that's what I downloaded.


              HoxHud download page.PNG


              Chrome didn't object to the download so I then uploaded the file to VirusTotal and ran a fresh check. The file is still marked as malicious by 19 out of 54 anti-virus engines but not - now - by McAfee nor by Microsoft, and those are the two I look for first.


              Google Safe Browsing says the site has recently hosted malware, which probably accounts for the TrustedSource rating.


              See :

              TrustedSource report


              VirusTotal report


              Google Safe Browsing Report


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