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    HIP need p4 (hotfix/patch) ?


      Hi there, im back and again with some newbie question about the McAfee products. The think is i cant find any info about it, so there its go!



      HIP need's Patch 4 installation after deploy or p4 is already in that version? Why im asking, because i have patch 4 incorpored as other package on EPO 4.6.7 as you can see here:

      (screen 1)


      And also, when im on System Tree i can see the product installed on the computers and there a Filter that is showing Hotfix/patch installed (the 4 is the patch version):

      (screen 2)


      Im asking this because sometime when i deploy HIPs on user computers, i can see HIP 8.0.02919 but not a Hotfix/Patch 4 (as you can see on the prev. screen), so i really dont know if need to deply hotfix after the Hips or not.



      Thank you for the help, and im sorry for my Eglish.



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