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    How to query firewall status of EPM 2.1 installation ?


      Just wondering if anyone know how to query the real firewall status of managed EPM 2.1 ?

      I have around 500 Mac machines managed by EPO 5.1 with MA 4.8 p2.


      We are trying to create a report / query now to identify the firewall status.

      To our surprise, all our Mac endpoints firewall status are disabled.


      When we inspect the entries one by one, we can see Firewall Status as enabled in HIPS 2.1 property.

      However not via EPO system tree.


      Checking the DB we see that under HIP8_Properties table, FWStatus entry is showing Enabled while for Windows machine is shows True or False.


      Just wondering if this is just us ? as the issue occur on both EPO 5.1 we have.