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    Quick Clean Help


      When ever i Start Quick Clean, it stays on "Looking in Other System Files". for i think it was about 2 hours. It just stayed on that screen. Is this normal? Last time i checked, it did a whole bunch of other things after the "System Files" screen. but mine, just sits there and never moves.


      I was wondering if this is a problem or if this is something normal.

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          Are you using Corporate software because that's where yoiu are posting?  If not I will move it accordingly.

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            I am just using McAfee that we got through AT&T. It was like a package. So honeslty, i Dont know if it is Corprate or what ever the others are. I just got it through AT&T internet package. McAfee for my family, is Home use.


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              OK have moved this to that section in home products.   Not sure of the answer to your question though, Technical Support would be best to analyse what's going on there.  It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


              I can only guess that it's having trouble unpacking a file.  Did it ultimately complete?


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                After awhile it quit. I don't know if it completed or not. I just let it sit there, then after about 2 and a half hours, of it still sitting on "Looking in Other System Files.". It just closed. I don't know if it means it is done or something happened.

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                  There may be a clue in SecurityCenter > Navigation > Security Report.