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    epo installation without domain controller




      I have to install and configure epo 5 where there is no domain controller/LDAP server , initially all client will be loaded manually& 90% clients are Linux , we are planning to use FTP/HTTP Repository , canany one confirm is it practically possible ?

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          Laszlo G

          Hi sbsugan, of course you can deploy ePO without domain.


          Deploying McAfee Agent from ePO to Windows computers will only require local admin credentials and as for the linux boxes ssh credentials. Once Mcafee Agent is deployed there's practically no difference between being on a domain or a workgroup

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            Eric Vaughn

            Absolutely possible.  There are certain endpoint products like endpoint encryption where AD integration is nice to have, but for the agent, VSE (L), Application Control, etc, there is no need for LDAP.  For ePO you'll need local admin on the server and an account for your SQL server if you are using a pre-configured SQL server.  Here's the ePO 5.1 Installation Guide:https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD24807


            If you visit support.mcafee.com and search 'Installation Guide' or 'Product Guide', then type the Product name (epolicy Orchestrator, McAfee Agent, etc.) into the Product field, you should get some useful information for setting this up.