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    Artemis strikes againe Artemis!85DB820BF4A


      hi there just reinstalled windows and with in 48 hours 5 files are infected with Artemis!85DB820BF4A  and thats the whole reason why i reinstalled windos in the first place that file would get quarantined 2 to 3 times a day last install i used DBAN to wipe the disk (Dariks Boot And Nuke) it formats hard drive completaly it dose 7 passes over the hard drive so i know it was clean when i reinstalled windows but like i said the artemis strikes againe i have tryed to send vid desktop app but it wont allow me to i have the BT netprotect plus editon of MaCfee provided by British Telecom

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          Obviously something is not liked by the software, however Artemis by definition is an unknown and with the labs for analysis, so it is possible that it could be OK.   I moved this to Artemis from Community Help by the way.

          Run some anti-malware tools listed in the last link in my signature below.

          You could even go so far as to run a Hijackthis session to post a log on a specialist forum as suggested lower down that page.

          They could tell you if there's anything untoward on your system.

          Anyway, Artemis detections are already sent to the labs so you've no need to re-send.


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            As Ex_Brit said, "Artemis" is a generic name for an unclassified detection. As in, it could be a false positive.


            That Artemis identifier doesn't show up anywhere else, and you haven't posted before about this, so that detection is new as far as we know.


            You imply the file being detected is a "video desktop app". I take it that some website somewhere said you had to download a special file, a video codec perhaps, in order to view a video clip?

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              i said nothing about it being a video i said i tryed to send the file to McAfee via my desk top app. plus i never download anything other than K lite codec pack and it has never caused issues before. i am VERY particular about what i download

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                My apologies for misunderstanding you. I caught sight of a typo in your post which said "vid desktop app" and I did not appreciate that this was not a video application. Fake video codecs are being offered once again, that's all, and lots of people get caught out.


                http://blogs.msdn.com/b/securitytipstalk/archive/2014/05/07/new-research-shows-r ise-in-deceptive-downloads.aspx


                What's unusual is that you have not one but five infected files, all apparently with the same Artemis detection. This could be a false detection, but you'll need the labs to test one of the files and see what's causing it. The Artemis advice seems to have disappeared from view, but if you need to send something in you can do it by email - the third option in http://www.mcafee.com/us/threat-center/resources/how-to-submit-sample.aspx


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