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    Unable to remove Anti-Theft


      I purchased a Dell Inspiron 7537 with Windows 8.1 which had McAfee factory installed. I would like to uninstall it.


      When I use Control Panel/Programs and Features I see McAfee Anti-Virus in the programs list. When I select it and uninstall, nothing happens.


      I have searched the communities and tried several things but nothing works.


      I ran the Intel ESU utility and it tells me

      Error: AT MEI/HECI driver initialization failed

           AT Enrollment Code: 8193

           AT Enrollment Status: Not Enrolled


      I downloaded the MCPR (removal tool) and when I try to run it I get an error: This tool cannot run with McAfee Anti-Theft installed. Please contact support for help.


      I saw a post suggesting to delete references to McAfee from program files and the registry. But when I went to Program Files and tried to delete the McAfee directories, I got an error "This action cannot be completd because the folder or a file in it is in use by another program."


      I went to Task Manager and removed McAfee from Startup and stopped the processes named McAfee, I went to the services and stopped the McAfee services I saw there. I rebooted and tried again but I got the same error.


      If you have any suggestions as to how I can remove this software that I did not install or register, I would greatly appreciate it.