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    ePO 5.1.0 System requirements


      I had a question for those of you who may have experience with the latest version of ePO.


      My current setup is an internal server that runs ePO along with a couple of other applications.  It also runs sql server.  I'm working on migrating everything to VM's.  Yesterday, I successfully migrated my ePO DB to SQL running on a VM and it is running well. My next step is migrating ePO itself.


      My question is about the system requirements.  I notice in the hardware requirements it says if managing more thant 250 systems they recommend using a dedicated server.  Is this just a general recommendation or is it more specific to this version?  I'm running 4.6.6 right now on my old server and as I mentioned, at one point had several other things running there without incident.  My plan was to migrate ePO to my new application server VM where it will be with those services again, the main difference being that SQL will be running on a separate VM.  We manage upwards of 800 machines, but really about the only products we manage through ePO is VSE.  Just wanted an opinion from a real world scenario.

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          No one has any idea on this?

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            it's *recommended* to run ePO on a dedicated system if you have a lot of clients. But this doesn't mean in won't work if you run additional applications on the same server.

            It depends on


            • the server performance / type (CPU, HDD speed, RAM ...)
            • products you're managing (xevents, x communication intervall, ...)
            • database on same system or on different server (performance, size of DB)
            • how often your clients communica with epo, how much is logged (evekts, see above)


            So I would say: If your server is working fine - and your clients too (getting updates, reporting is ok etc) - then why not running it with other applications.

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              Well I ended up going into a chat session on this, which I realized I could do before but I figured I'd rather ask those who may have real world experience.  Basically he was telling me the same thing until I indicated that my sql server is on another server and he said, well in the case of just running ePO and not sql, yes there shouldn't be an issue having several applications, you just have to be aware of port conflicts.