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    Stack Policies?


      Is there no feature or planned feature to stack EPO policies?


      Meaning, I want to have a policies that contains all VirusScan exclusions for Windows. Then I want to create a second policy that contains application specific exclusions and apply it alongside the operating system policy to the same group in the system tree.

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          That is not an existing feature within ePO, nor am I aware of any plans to do that.

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            Does anyone here agree that this would be a very nice feature? If I'm using policies for applications where I made a copy of the default policies, which contains exclusions that apply to all systems (such as OS exclusions), I have to go through each and every policy to make the change. If I could stack mulitple policies I would just have to update the single default policy and not have to modify each and every policy I have. The product is called ePolicy Orchestrator right? Can we make it easier to manage policies?


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