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    How to remove PUP (trovi.com)


      Hi, I'm new to this community so please excuse me if I violate some rules of etiquette or protocol.


      In the process of trying to update Java I inadvertently acquired a browser hijacker (PUP) trovi.com and mostly succeeded in removing it from my computer by following the steps at bleepingcomputer.com: MiniToolBox, AdwCleaner, JUNK Removal Toolkit, ESet.  Now IE seems to run okay but Chrome, which I prefer cannot install so there's probably some remnant somewhere that isn't detected preventing the Chrome install.  I am tempted to perform a Dell Inspiron One factory restore but fear that I might lose files or be unable to restore programs in the process.  Thanks for any advice you may provide.


      Paul M

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          Hi paulo2842,


                              Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Trovi.com comes bundled with other nasty ( PUPS) and can indeed be difficult to remove entirely. Although it is not classified as Malware, it definite has undesirable traits. Please follow the Removal Guide listed HERE 


                               Please feel free to post back your results.


          Wishing you all the Best,



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            Peter M

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              I took your advice.  Malwarebytes (sic) found a number of threats five of which were Google related.  Then HitManPro found 0 threats (Traces 115) but three BrowserSafeguard and five FLV Player programs that I tried to delete but couldn't. In fact I couldn't delete any of the cookies either.  Then Chrome installed okay but with trovi.com so I went the next step - the last -resort - to Settings, Advanced Settings, Reset Browser and fully expected after a restart to see the trovi.com URL again.  But it wasn't there much to my surprise.  Still, I live in fear that somewhere in my computer lurks trovi and that someday, maybe today, it will reappear.


              Who are these evildoers who create misery for millions for personal gain?  Thankfully, there are the good guys like you to thwart their efforts.  I couldn't have done it ( I hope, for good) without you.


              Paul M.

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                Hi Paul,

                          Glad to see that all seems to be okay. I am a little concerned with your saying that (Browsersafeguard) and those cookies were not removed? There are variants of the ( Browsersafeguard.exe, .A) to mention a couple. As I stated above, quite often with the installation of (Free) programs a number of (PUPS) are bundled.


                             There are removal Guides for (Browsersafeguard) as well, should you realize it is present.


                         I recommend Downloading/Installing the latest McAfee Getsusp Tool.  Please add your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning. You should recieve a confirmation from McAfee Labs if any Suspicious/Unknown processes are detected.




                        Please save the Work Item ID # for future reference. Also, did you go through each of your browsers,and disable/remove any suspicious add-ons/extentions/plug-ins/Search Engines? I am simply trying to make certain you have (All) undesirable programs removed.


                        I would keep Malwarebytes (Free) onboard,as it is compatible with your Anti-Virus. Simply update it first an use periodically as a (On Demand Scan)


                        P.S. - I appreciate the accolades, however all I did was give you the shovel, and you did the digging.



                         Again, wishing you all the best.









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                  Should Getsusp detect any further Suspicious/Unknown files, please post back the results.

                  Hopefully you have entirely removed all (pups).