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      Hi guys thanks for your previous answers, is there any reason notepad.exe should have an internet connection? I redid all of my connections so they are all default. I suspect it was created long before I installed Mcafee.

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          It shouldn't need or have an internet connection, it's only a simple local text editor.


          Just to be sure I fired up tcpview and notepad and watched while I typed in some text and saved it to a file on the Desktop. I did this in XP and Windows 7, and saw no internet connection at all.


          How do you know notepad is opening a connection? What tool are you using to confirm this? And can you provide a screenshot?


          There is a possibility that this is malware masquerading as a legitimate application but at this stage that has to be Not Proven.


          Edit - What OS have you got?


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            Thanks for your quick response. I opened up Internet Connections for Programs and I saw quite a few things including Notepad.exe. I did not actually see notepad.exe attempt to connect to the internet I just saw it listed here. You are right, it does not seem like notepad would require an internet connection. After I saw it listed, then I clicked reset to defaults in McAfee and notepad.exe disappeared from the list. I have Windows Vista Business service pack 2, on a Dell Optiplex 330 manufactured in 2009.

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              With all due respect, this is the (3rd) thread you have created in regards to your concern over "Blocked Attempts" to access your computer. the other threads have been adequately answered in my honest opinion.


              1st Thread:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/67469

              2nd Thread:https://community.mcafee.com/thread/67492

              3rd thread:https://community.mcafee.com/thread/67527


              Hayton has made suggestions in other threads, for you to follow. As I have myself. Again, if you see that the attempted access to your computer has been blocked, then you are okay. Have you experienced any unusual behaviour, or failures/Errors? If not, then I would not consume myself with such.


              McAfee is doing it,s job...I convey this in the most respectable  way. If your McAfee Interface stipulates "That you are "Secure and Protected",  there is no reason to be concerned. If you still are dubious, try running some of the "Superb Tools" listed below my Siganature (Second Link).






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                Hi coxmg,


                Of course the default settings for "Internet connections for Programs" does not have Notepad.exe in the list since it is used to edit text files in local drives and has nothing to do with the Internet. However you can add it to the list and block internet access if you wish.