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    5.1 upgrade from 4.6.6 - incompatible products


      The installation (in place upgrade) from 4.6.6 to 5.1 runs the compat checker.


      It found the following:



      These products are incompatible with this ePO version; they must be removed or upgraded before ePO setup can continue:


      Host Intrusion Preventioni 8.0.0 (HOSTIPS_8000) - requires Host Intrusion Preventioni 8.0.0

      Host IPS Advanced (HostIpsAdv) - requires Host IPS Advanced

      Host IPS License (HostIPSLicense) - requires Host IPS License

      Rogue System Detection (rsd) - requires Rogue System Detection

      VirusScan Enterprise 8.9 (VIRUSCAN8800) - requires VirusScan Enterprise 8.9

      VirusScan Enterprise Reports (VIRUSCANREPORTS) - requires VirusScan Enterprise Reports





      Now, the docs (installation guide) say these are extensions


      But the forums seem to indicate it also is the products as well?


      Is there a list/document on how to properly update these?


      I have the 4.6.6 Software Management that I've used to update in the past, but it seems that even though it updates it doesn't do the extensions???