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    Error Message on Logging in




      I've been having problems trying to log online to My Account on the McAfee website. I started trying to login yesterday and the following error message comes up whenever I try. It persists in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and on multiple devices, android tablet, phone, Vista PC, XP PC, and iOS.


      It also happens whether I try logging in on the US website or UK or Australia.


      Is anyone else having this problem?

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          Hi hypatia.


                      Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Are you capable of logging in to your other favorite sites? Or is it just your Security account you are having difficulty with? For you to mention so many devices, and being incapable of doing so, sorta perplexes me?


                       In certain instances, an infection can prevent you from doing so. May I ask what type of Suite you currently are subscribed to? Have you ran a scan recently,or did this issue just start? You can contact Technical Support 24/7 via chat/phone and it is free.


                       You can locate the access under "Useful Links" at the top of this page, or below my Signature (Third Link)  To test for a possible infection, you can run a McAfee Full Scan, or try Running Malwarebytes (Free) only. Do not accept the (Free) Trial or activate.


                         These tools can be found below my Signature (Second Link)



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            Hi Cliff


            Thank you for replying. I have the McAfee total protection installed on my pc and mobile security installed on my mobile for a number of years now. I ran a scan 2 days ago, and no issues. The only reason I logged in online was to purchase additional security software for a tablet, and that's when I kept getting the error screen. I have no idea if it has been present for longer than yesterday.


            I can access everything on the net without a problem. I can browse on the mcafee website as well, but when I try to log into my account I get the error screen. The reason I mentioned multiple devices is because I was troubleshooting in case it was a browser issues or OS issue, and the fact that the error persists on different browsers and OS leads me to believe it could be a website glitch.


            I have spoken to their customer service support in their outsourced call centre today, and the best they could do was suggest all the troubleshooting options that I've already done and escalate my query to be responded to in 24-48 hours.



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              Hi hypatia,


                   It seems that you have followed the proper procedures. Is the link you attempted to connect to your account the same as HERE  I surmise you purchased your subscription directly from McAfee. I myself use McAfee Total Protection.


                     Are you contemplating purchasing additional protection for your other devices? If so, you may want to go with McAfee Live Safe/All Access. Especially with the cellphone to be covered. I apologize...for I overlooked you mentioning that you already had Mobile security.


                        It seems that you have done all necessary, I wish you the very best.


              Best wishes,


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                Hi Cliff


                Yes, that is the link I have attempted to use. And I was attempting to purchase  the All Access before everything went haywire with the login.


                Are you having any problems logging in? I'm curious whether its just me......



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                  This is what has me perplexed, for I have no problem signing in. There has been some isolated issues here recently with the same problem. Hopefully our Forum Tech will pick up this thread, and assist you,


                  Keep in mind he is very busy,as you would expect. Please follow through with your escalation on this issue.

                  Keep a eye out if this topic comes back up.



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                    I hope it gets resolved soon as well, its a bit alarming for security reasons.


                    Thank you for taking the time.



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                      You are perfectly welcome...

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                        Mine is fine as well though another mod has issues see what the follow up caller says and please post back

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                          To simplify things I think it would be best to keep everything in the one thread so hypatia we'll go with your post here:  https://community.mcafee.com/message/333689#333689


                          Closing this one.


                          Anyone with a similar case please open a case with Customer Service - see the link at the top of this page under Useful Links or McAfee Support, it's free by phone or online chat.


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