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    List of Computers Granted Access


      Hey guys, is there a way to determine which IPs or applications are being granted access to my computer? I want to make sure nobody is hacking my computer.




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          As for myself, I have my "Traffic Controller" set to Monitored. Just a step tighter than "Smart Access" Then I leave it up to McAffe to accept,or not to accept incoming connections. It still allows McAfee to make recommendations.


          In other words, I allow McAfee to decide what can connect,and not be allowed access.


          So far after (10) years plus, the only virus I have incurred, was the "Eicar Test String" which I initiated myself,to periodically check my Anti-Virus. It is a "Benign" application that is available to everyone.


          Hope this helps.....


          You can always view your "Security History" to see which programs have been denied access.




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            It seems that your question has been addressed in another thread HERE

            If I may ask...Did you ever contact the "Forum Administrator", or follow the instructions Hayton suggested?



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              Please continue with that original thread, thanks.