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    DLP slow down Lotus Notes when sending out email


      Hi, I got a problem on this issue. I need Email Protection.
      But when some users need to send a email to over hundred addresses with a attactment which size is between 500KB and 10MB, DLP takes so long time to analyze the email in a unacceptable time. (PC Spec: Win7 x86, i5 3.0Ghz, 4GB RAM). Even over 15 mins, it still loading, seems endless.


      I tried to assign a new policy for one user to disable Email Protection, but it still analylze. If I disable email probe cache in agent configuration, its seems work, but I can't get any event log anymore.


      So any DLP expert could suggest a solution for this?
      I struggle on this for long time, now I just can suggest user to replace notes.ini to remove DLP plugin before opening Lotus Notes to send this kind of email....


      Thank you very much!


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