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    MCPR Problem


      Windows 8 user here. I had McAfee pre-installed on my PC and I wanted to remove it to avoid it conflicting with another anti-virus of my choice. However, removing it from control panel did not remove McAfee products completely and folders containing different McAfee files kept popping up here and there. I googled the problem and came across the MCPR program that was claimed to remove all of McAfee files and folders from computer, hence I downloaded it and ran it. After I rebooted the computer, I found out that approximately 15 gigabytes of free space from my disk were gone. What are your suggestions on what might've happened? Thanks!

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          As I am not as familiar with Windows 8/8.1, I have no appropiate answer to give? I assume you ran the "Latest" McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool? It may be that our "Forum Tech" picks up this thread,and can offer a more responsive answer.


          You can always consult Technical Support via "Useful Links" at the top of this page, or below my Signature links are provided. It,s free 24/7 via Chat/Phone.


          Best Wishes,

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            Thank you Cliff! I didn't really know where to adress this question, but I do now. I will make sure to check out the tech support.

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              You,re quite welcome


              Wishing you all the best,


              I might add,if you feel this thread has been answered,please apprise.


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                Peter M

                Do a Disk Cleanup including the extra step of deleting all but the last restore point, that should free up the space again  (step 5 through 7 in the accompanying tutorial).


                See Disk Cleanup in Windows 7 and 8


                However Cliff's advice to contact Technical Support may be best here as there could be other factors depending on what actual McAfee components were installed.






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                  Thank you! Indeed, I got 10 gigs back from deleting the system restore points, now got to figure out what to do with the other 5, but I guess it's going to be along the same line.

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                    Peter M

                    Technical Support should help with that.  Good luck ;-)

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                      Hi ,


                      I haven't came across MCPR using up disk space upon execution. However it depends on the number of times you have run and the temp Data created for every attempt. Try the below steps and see if it helps


                      Open Run dialogue by pressing Win + R

                      Type " temp" without quotes and hit OK

                      Select all files and see the size of selection. Shift + Delete to permanently delete the files.

                      Similarly search in "%temp%"  and "prefetch" folders and delete all files.


                      See If you have gained space.



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                        Thank you for the reply. I didn't expect MCPR to affect my computer in such a way, either.


                        I tried to follow your steps but the removed files barely added up to 10 MB. Also a side question - I noticed a folder in the Temp directory called frozen-genpy-27, sounds really suspicious, do you have any idea what that might be?


                        Thanks in advance

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                          I would suggest you run the Getsusp tool from here and see if the file is Suspicious by clicking on the File log upon scan completion. you can judge the file by reviewing MD5 links  post scan in Virustotal page.

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