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    Forum attempting Access


      Hey guys, I have Mcafee Total Protection and I see on my list of connection attempts that an IP address from a message board forum is attempting to access my computer via TCP port 49507. Is this a legitimate attempt to connect? I am afraid it might be a hacking attempt.


      The forum that I am a member of is just a social message board forum where members can post messages about a particular subject. Is there any reason for this forum should be attemtping to access my computer?

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          If you noticed this in your "Security History", there should be no reason for concern. It simply means that McAfee "Blocked" the attempt.



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            Yes I realize it blocked the attempt, but is there any reason a forum like this should be attempting access?

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              If you're not accessing the forum at the time it tries to contact you then you should be suspicious.


              The port number is only maybe relevant. What counts is the reputation of the IP address, so make a note of it and just enter it into Google and see if there are any reports from the past week or so. If there's a problem you'll notice a lot of checks being run on it.


              You can also check its reputation using McAfee TrustedSource - go to the home page at http://www.trustedsource.org/ and enter the IP address there. If anything's been reported it should tell you, although there's sometimes a lag of several days before it shows in the historical data (so as not to count every glitch).

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                Hi coxmg,

                            Actually that is a question I cannot answer? You may incquire with the Forum Administrator you are a member of, and ask. Other than that, McAfee blocked the attempt.


                All the best,

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                  I see that Hayton gave you a more informative answer. Go with what Hayton suggested...there is a perfect example of why he is one of the "Super Moderators"


                  All the best,