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    VPN log


      Does anyone know that how to config or view ipsec vpn log file

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          Instructions for configuring VPNs can be found from SMC 5.7 Administrator's Guide. Virtual Private Networks section starts at page 917:

          https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 25000/PD25136/en_US/McAfee_SMC_Administrators_Guide_v5-7.pdf


          VPN logs can be viewed on SMC log browser. To see only VPN logs create filter Facility in IPsec:




          You can also view logs locally on firewall command line using vpninfo command. Run the command without any options and it'll show you list of different options and what those will show. to see current logs in buffer use # vpninfo -l.


          Also I forgot to mentioned that when analyzing VPN logs, check Administrator's Guide starting at page 1256 for descriptions of most common IPsec log entries.





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