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    Clients disappear from ePO 4.6.6




      I'm quite sure I red somewhere about the following issue, but can't find the KB article:


      we installed McAfee Agent 4.8 (+HIPS 8.0, VSE 8.8.) on tablet computers with windows 8.1.

      The first client connects to ePO and appears with his correct name. ok.

      But as soon as the 2nd computer synchronites with ePO - the computer object of 1st pc is replaced with the 2nd .

      Or you can say: the 1st one disappears, and the 2nd is visible in ePO. Then again, if I synchronize the 1st pc - the 2nd will disappear and so on ...


      I know there was an issue with clients and vpn - but I don't thinks its the same here - and I'm quite sure there was somewhere mentioned sth about an issue with tablets or mobile devices and epo !?


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