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    Merge Multiple VSE Exclusion Policies


      Hi All,


      Currently we've got a number of VSE Exclusion policies with both common & unique exclusions across the various policies.


      We have decided to help simplify our ePO management, we want to have a single VSE Exclusion polisy that encompases all common & unique exclusions into a single policy. The business has accepted the risk of 'obsolete' exclusions applying to machines (e.g. SQL specific exclusions applying to machines without SQL).

      This has been considered to be the lesser of two evils... If only ePO allowed dynamic merging of policies on the client side like Active Directory group policies, things would be so much more simple & secure!


      Does anybody have a good method to merge multiple polices into a single policy? I'm expecting we'll end up with around 200-300 exclusions after merging all of our seperate policies, so would really prefer not manually adding every one via the GUI. I've considered exporting the policies to XML & manually merging them before re-importing; however the pain point in doing this would be identifying the common settings across the multiple policies & not adding them multiple times in the 'merged' policy.




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          I think editting XML is probably your best bet.


          A good XML editor and a few unix command line utils like sed,awk and grep (all avaliable for windows) should allow you to manually combine all the policies and filter out the duplicates.


          200-300 isn't that many in the grand scheme of things and it can probably be done in a couple of hours.

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            Bummer... Was hoping someone had written a utility for this (or perhaps knew of a McAfee internal utility).


            Thinking I'll be able to do something in Excel to import the XML as a table, filter out the policies I care about, the remove duplicate exclusions. Will probably have to use a text editor for creating the new XML file based on the deduplicated exclusions to make sure the format is correct though.


            I'm using Notepad++ for editing the XML (handles language highlighting, tag group folding etc...); but do you have another XML editor you could recommend?