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    White list or Extended list?


      So, our organization is implementing webgateway, whic is a upgrade from 6.x and we have been testing it.  I  have whitlist set up etc. I guess my question is, when should you use a extended list not a whitelist?


      We had a site that was catagorized as both entertainment and Provactive attire, and was blocked by URL filering for the second catagory. However this site needs to be allowed. Should I add it to a whitelist or an extended list?


      Not alot of documentation out there for extended list..



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          It's up to you actually on which you will configure the change easier.

          Haven't tried using extended list but knew its function of recategorizing a domain locally.


          Usually, what we do is we create a whitelist list of domains to allow these accesses.


          Would you mind give us an idea on how to configure extended list in MWG 7.x?

          I'll appreciate it. Thank you.




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            Hey! So to start I only have 3 URL filter policies (as of now) and I do rule assignment as described in this article.




            So how I did the extended list was to create seperate extended list fo reach different URL filter.

            Extended List 1.JPG


            I then added each extended list to the appropriate URL Filter engine. As seen below.

            extended list 2.JPG


            Then I just assigned that URL Filter egine to the correct rule.


            extended list3.JPG


            I hope that helps. Just like with other rules in the Web Gateways there are multiple ways to do each different rule. This is just how I have done it to try and make it easiest for people to make the transition from 6.x to 7.x.

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              Thanks whitead. Appreciate the scrnshots and procedures.

              I tried it on our web gateway and it seems to be working though I have some issues.


              1.) The recategorization only applies to the rule containing the 'extended list element' and not all over the proxy policies.

                   I tried creating a different extended list and applied it on a specific rule. It hits the rule but when it goes down the ruleset, it's no more applied. (I think to correct this is to use a single extended list element in all URL filters and policies configured.)


              2.)The new category set doesnt show up in the block page.

              I recategorized playboy as 'parked domain'. Set the parked domain blocked, and pornography as allowed, but the block page still shows the 'pornography' category and not the 'Parked domain'. The recategorization and the rule works as it is but shows the old category.


              Are these the expected results? Do you know some remedies?