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    False Artemis detection Artemis!A2F1D8C17226


      Software installation download from www.smilebox.com is detected as Artemis trojan with the code above.


      Is it really a trojan?

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          May I ask what the particular program was that you downloaded from (SmileBox .com)?  Quite often these (Free) programs are bundled with software that are considered as (PUP). Not classified as Malware,but have undesirable traits.


          Since McAfee detected it as Artemis!,something was suspicious.


          You may if you wish, to get a second opinion run Malwawarebytes (Free) Version only. Do not accept the Free Trial/or Activate. The (Free) Version can be located below my Signature (Second Link)


          You could also Download/Install the Latest Getsusp Tool, which can be found in the same location. Just remember to add your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning. This tool detects Suspicious/Unknown items and sends them to McAfee Labs.






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            It is the smilebox application itself that I tried to download.


            The alert was raised for the installer download (in fact, as soon as part of it was downloaded).


            I had also a number of other Artemis alerts relating to the same application:


            Artemis!F60B6E474423 for  Smilebox.Starter.new


            Artemis!34646F4DACBD for SkywalkerSetup[1].exe - the installer for the application


            Basically, the first one resulted in a removal that made the application unusable and the following ones resulted in an attempt to re-install it.

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              Have you attempted to Download Getsusp,and Malwarebytes to run and check these two particular programs,as suggested? Doing a brief search on both here-in mentioned,the executables are questionable.


              I will run both against Virus Total,and check the Trusted source.org Data Base, as time permits.


              Please run the (2) programs as suggested. As with all games, sometimes there is a detection,that may or not be malicious.


              Please post back your results.....

              Wishing you all the best,

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                Malware bytes also identifies it as PUP.


                It seems to be correct, as when the software is installed and tries to update it highjacks the browser.


                This seems to be a recent update to the software (didn't have this issue a week back).


                Thanks for the help.


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