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    Can I still have a virus?


      Hello everyone,

      I have the free McAfee Security Center that comes with my AOL subscription.  It is set to do real time scanning and currently indicates no viruses detected.  However, I am having so many issues right now that I am certain there must be something working its way through.  Browser crashes, problems with flash player, pictures not opening, problems opening my AOL each morning and more.  Is it possible I do have a virus and McAfee is just not detecting it?  What should I do then?  Please help if you have any suggestions.

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          Are you current with all of your Windows Updates,to include Internet Explorer (11), even if you do not use it. McAfee does. Is your latest Adobe Flash Player current? (  You may try running Malwarebytes (Free) Version only. Do not accept the Free Trial/or activate.


          You can locate this tool below my Signature (Second Link). If you have to update Adobe Flash Player, please remember to (Uncheck) optional offer before Downloading/installing. You,ll also have to do a restart to complete the installation. Also make certain you are current with all of your Add-ons.


          Please post back your results...


          All the very Best,



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            In addition,may I ask what Browser it is "Crashing"?

            It could possibly be a (PUP) you may have inadvertently picked up,and most likely is not a virus.

            Run Malwarebytes,and post back your results please.


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              Thank you for your replies.  If you get 2 of them, I did just post this but am not sure why it is not showing so will do my best to get everything in.  I am also not tech savvy at all but I can follow instructions so please bare with me.


              I run several browsers including Chrome (latest version) and I believe IE is with my AOL.  If I am correct, the AOL sign in screen indicates version 9.7 so if I am understanding, that can be a problem.  I use Windows Vista operating system.  Both of these browsers crash, lock up etc.


              I did disable the internal flash player in chrome as I found that could have been some of those problems but that did not work.


              I also ran Malwarebytes last night and it detected about 10 registry key issues but was able to remove them.  I can see if there is a log created or I can run it again.


              It does seem as what was a minor annoyance a little while back has become a daily struggle to be on my computer which is why I thought possible virus.  More issues just seem to keep popping up.

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                And yes the flash player is the latest version as well.

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                  The (9.7) is the Version of Aol you are running.Typically the Aol Browser is Internet Explorer. Since you indicated that you are running Vista, your Internet Explorer Browser should be IE9, if Iam not mistaken. If Malwarebytes detected "Registry Issues" and you deleted them,and are still having issues. I would recommend, that you run a Chkdsk /r.


                  You can always click on the little white "Cogwheel" Top right, and click on about, to see your version of Internet Explorer. After running a Chkdsk, run a Disk Clean,and Defrag your system.. If your issues still persist,it may be advisable to do a uninstall/reinstall following the instructions in the (First) link below my Signature.


                  Remember to remove from the Control Panel first, before downloading the latest MCPR Tool. If you need further assistance,please post back.

                  I,m sorry, but did you say that Malwarebytes was (able) to remove the items detected, or not?


                  Also I hope that you have not been running any "Registry Cleaners", for they can do more harm than good. They can even remove core components from McAfee. I highly recommend staying away from them.


                  Also,if you are having Ad Pop-ups you could try running Adwcleaner.Which is located below my Signature (Second Link).



                  All the Best,



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                    Thank you again and I will try these suggestions.  I do not have a little white cogwheel in the top right of any page.  Also how do I run chkdsk/r?

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                      Ok I found my version - IE9

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                        Good, I thought it was. All current and up to date I hope. You can follow these instructions on how to run a Chkdsk HERE


                        Try the standard ChkDsk first, before attempting the "Command Prompt Method"

                        You will need to restart your system for it to begin,and could take a while. Be Patient please.


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                          I might add,that running a Disk Clean,Defrag,and Chkdsk will help improve your performance. You may want to go through and Remove/Delete any unnecessary programs/Bloatware, no longer needed Downloads,Add-ons, etc.


                          This will free up Hard Disk space,and improve performance. If you have ran Malwarebytes, and it has cleaned anything detected. And performed all these suggested tasks. Then as a last resort, you can do a Uninstall/Reinstall following the directions given, in the (1st) Link below my Signature.


                          If all fails, you can contact support by looking under "Useful Links" at the Top of the page. Or below my Signature. Please post back your results. I have a "Family Gathering" to go to, but will check back later.


                          Wishing you all the best,

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