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    McAfee Update around the 28th May causes Internet Explorer and Firefox to crash


      I have noticed since the 28th May approximately after a McAfee update both Internet Explorer and Firefox both crashed shortly afterwards. Same thing happens when I start my Internet Explorer, this happens once and then its ok until another McAfee update is installed and again both IE and Firefox crash. It states a program has caused IE to stop working. I can only think it is due to the McAfee update around the 28th and it happens after further McAfee updates and a fresh start on loading IE.


      I am running Windows 7 IE 9.


      I presume a lot of people come on the communities website to check if their problem is discussed. So please if you have the  same problem and you are not a member please join and add support. Of course this could be a problem just with my laptop. I could unistall MaAfee and run a test with IE and see if it starts ok without crashing. If it doesn't crash then it could well be McAfee but then do I reinstall McAfee or choose another source of protection like Norton? Any suggestions welcome.

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