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    LiveSafe, Thunderbird 24.5.0, Win8.1, slow e-mail deletes


      I have TB 24.5.0 and on Win 8.1 (last update to W8.1) on a NEW computer. Old computer did NOT see e-mail deletion delays but it had a different security suite. I am on McAfee LiveSafe. E-mail spam detection is on.


      I now have a problem, the aforementioned delays deleting e-mails. I am viewing the e-mail and press DELETE. Sometimes it is instantaneous, other times there is a delay. Variable too, and it can be so long I think I didn't really press the delete button. In those cases not only is the intended e-mail delete but the next one too.


      Is there a 'fix' for this? Seems this was an old problem associated with spam checking?

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