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    When defining firewall rules, what exactly does the network [local] mean?


      VePO 4.6.7

      HIPS 8.0


      I often get blocked traffic where the source and destination IP is the IP of the local host.

      For example, in the Activity Log, it will show source and destination, where is the IP address of the host.

      So I want to create a rule that will allow the host to communicate to itself.

      In the past, I would add a rule that would allow any traffic from the local IP address, but I would type in the actual address

      Now I'm thinking that I can create a new rule and add a network type of "New (Local)" and for the IP, select "Any local IP address".




      So after it create the rule, it looks like this:




      I am assuming that [local] means any IP configured on a local network interface on the client system.

      Am I interpreting this correctly?