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    Remove Nag Scan PC Now?


      How would I remove the ongoing nag message of "Scan PC Now" every time I open the main console?

      McAfee Internet Security V12.8 Build 12.8.958

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          Peter M

          You mean this one?




          You can't but it should stay away once dismissed until the next reboot.   It's a little less obtrusive on beta versions of the software so maybe you'll get you wish soon once the software upgrades.


          You could always start a quick scan then immediately cancel it, that would stop it for a while I would imagine.


          I never run a scan unless I need to so I see it here all the time.   You get used to it.


          Unfortunately those sorts of things rarely get much attention but you could try putting in a product improvement suggestion here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ideas





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