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    Upgrade From 4.5.4 To 4.6.7 - Consistent Failure And Fix




      Trying to upgrade our ePO server from 4.5 Patch 4 to 4.6 Patch 7 and I'm getting a consistent failure each time shortly after trying to start new services. I can recover from it using the following method:


      • Backup ePO 4.5 as per McAfee Backup/Recovery article KB66616


      • Run 4.6.7 setup.exe


      • Install fails


      • ePO 4.5 now in an unuseable state


      • Remove ePO 4.5 manually using KB66586


      • Reboot


      • Re-install 4.5 Patch 4


      • Restore ePO 4.5.4  using KB66616


      • Reboot


      • Re-run 4.6.7 setup.exe


      • Install completes with no problems.


      Any ideas why I'm having this consistent failure on first attempt? There's nothing in the install logs that points to anything specific.


      It's an absolute pain to have to upgrade using this method and it's not going to swing with management if that's the way we have to do it!!