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    mfevtp and Failure Audit


      Hello all,

      I am currently receiving a Failure Audit (Event ID 560) in my Windows Security log for Object Name: mfevtp on a Server 2003 system running VSE Patch 2.  I was able to find KB51187 that says that the event can be safely ignored for Object Name: McShield.  Can this be safely ignored as well?  The alert is listed below:


      EventType:        Failure Audit

      Event Source:   Security

      EventCategory:               Object Access

      EventID:             560

      Date:                    5/19/2014

      Time:                    1:54:02 PM

      User:                    NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

      Computer:         SystemName


      Object Open:

                    Object Server:   SC Manager

                    Object Type:      SERVICE OBJECT

                    Object Name:    mfevtp

                    Handle ID:           -

                    Operation ID:     {0,3097403}

                    Process ID:          488

                    Image FileName:            C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe

                    Primary User Name:       UserName

                    PrimaryDomain:             Domain

                    Primary LogonID:           (0x0,0x3E7)

                    Client User Name:          UserName

                    Client Domain:  ClientDomain

                    Client Logon ID:               (0x0,0x3E7)

                    Accesses:           DELETE


                                                      Queryservice configuration information

                                                      Setservice configuration information

                                                      Querystatus of service

                                                      Enumeratedependencies of service

                                                      Startthe service

                                                      Stopthe service

                                                      Pauseor continue the service

                                                      Queryinformation from service

                                                      Issueservice-specific control commands


                      Privileges:          -

                    Restricted Sid Count:      0

                    Access Mask:     0x901FF