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    EWS 5.6 - Accessing web sites using non-standard ports


      I have an EWS system running in a test environment and generally it doesn't present me with any issues. It is being used as an explicit proxy, so I have proxy settings configured in order to access the web via EWS.


      On occasion my browser of choice (Mozilla Firefox) throws up a "The proxy server is refusing connections" error, and because it was a test environment I either didn't let the error trouble me too much or I would temporarily remove the proxy settings. When I put the proxy setting back in place and carried on with normal web browsing, everything seemed to be OK.


      Then it became apparent that each time I saw this error the URL I was requesting was not running on a standard port number (i.e. not TCP 80 or 443) - so it would be something like https://<URL>:8443 for example.


      Is there anything I can enter into the EWS configuration to make it understand that on some rare occasions a web site will be oeprating on a port number other than 80 or 443 and allow it to accept and process the URL request on that port number?


      Thanks in advance.