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    Working example code using issue.Updateissue ?


      Hi all,

      New to the forums - great resources


      So far so good interacting with the McAfee EPO API via Powershell.. making a lot of headway with it.


      I'd like to use the Issue feature in EPO, however, I'm having a small problem with the issue.Updateissue function.


      I can successfully update any property like priority, resolution, state... however, I want to mimic the action of adding a comment through the EPO GUI.  Does anyone have any working code for adding a comment using issue.Updateissue?


      If I use issue.Listissue, this is a sample of something I am trying to add via Updateissue:

      date: 28/05/14 23:38:51 BST

      details: Testing the Add Comment

      dirty: true

      id: 11

      issueId: 7

      title: User comment

      username: xxxx