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    DAT Version Query/Report


      Hello just got thrown into Mcafee/EPO world in new position and have been told I need to develop a process to verify dat's are successfully updating and remediate out of date clients but I dont see an obvious report to even report on what my current versions for my clients are. I am used to other products very easily being able to sort in the management console by dat. Any ideas on a good way to report on dat levels? I am on EPO version 4.6.6. Thanks.

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          On your ePO server, go to Queries and Reports, then under the Groups menu, click on VirusScan Enterprise. Under that group, there is a query called VSE: DAT Deployment. Run that query and you should get a pie chart displaying the top 3 DAT versions deployed and all the other versions are grouped into the "Other" category.


          Is that what you are looking for?


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            Thanks, yea I think thats as close as I will get. When you click on one of the dat versions the chart you get with the last communication time and dat version is EXACTLY what I want, just would like to be able to have that chart for all clients together instaed of clicking through 20 or so different ones. Thanks again.

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              Copy the query to a new query. Change the type to table report and then you can export into Excel and do anything you want with the data.