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    ePO Query SQL


      Hello! I hope you are fine.


      The purpose of this post is to make an inquiry . Where I work we have several products recently acquired McAfee . Among them, McAfee Web Gateway , McAfee VirusScan and ePO .


      I'm trying to make a report of automatic way to cross the information of antivirus and internet proxy .


      Basically, I make a report of all internet access to malicious sites or downloading files with viruses. The result I get is , Date , User, IP or Host Name , URL and name virus.


      In parallel, we need to compare these results with a query to Antivirus Database (managed by ePO). For example, on a date (or range) to obtain all IP or name HOSTS who were either infected by a virus or spyware or did not have the antivirus / antispyware updated.


      Please, you will have experience with SQL queries in ePO database ?


      PS: Please apologize for my English .


      THANK YOU !


      Emiliano .


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          if you look at the existing queries/reports within ePO you can view the underlying sql they use. that is a good starting point to understanding the ePO database and how you could join it to other data.


          within the ePO admin webpages, navigate to queries and reports, select a query, go to action and choose: view sql


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