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    I have a problem




      I bought mcAfee internet securit program last week. My computer scanned by that program and found 8 bad thing. virus etc. and blocked it. but when I open google chrome, my start page still blocked with "qone8" startpage. I changed it many times from settings but I can not solve it. I guess that is virus or trogen or something like that. bu mcAfee can not solve that. I need your help for that problem.


      best regards

      Ozer Yilmaz

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          that imageshow my start page and I can not change it. I erase it from settings but it come back when I open again. Mcafee can not relaise it.


          I need help.

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            Qone8 is a "Browser Hi-jacker" - "' PUP", usually installed unbeknownst to the user,while installing other software.


            Please try the following Removal Guide listed HERE  It is not classified as Malware, however does cause undesirable traits. You can find some of the same Superb ( Free ) tools used in this Removal Guide, below my Signature (Second Link)


            Also,it may be benificial to Open your McAfee Security Center, Navigate, go to quaratined items,and delete/Restart.

            This will remove the items McAfee detected and quarantined.


            All the Best,






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              Hi Ozer,

                     As a follow-up I was wondering if you utilized the suggested (Removal Guide) to resolve your issues?

              If you indeed have done so,please apprise us of such as we can Mark this discussion as "Answered"


              Should it be the case that you are still experiencing the same issues, feel free to let us know,so as we can assist you further.